XIII International Festival of Documentary Films and TV Programs «WON TOGETHER» is open for applications

XIII International Festival of Documentary Films and TV Programs «WON TOGETHER» will be held in Sevastopol, May 14 – 20, 2017.

The idea of the Festival belongs to the heroes of the Soviet Union, living in the Crimea. The Festival is held in memory of the collective military feat of the countries participating in World War II.

Over time the Festival has acquired a new meaning, revealing themes of heroism and victory in the modern world, in different spheres of life – cultural, social, professional and other, comprehending the heroism of our day.

The Festival is organized by Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio and chaired by Vladimir Menshov, film director, People’s Artist of Russia.

During May 14 — 20, 2017 the cinemas of Sevastopol will be screening new documentary films of 2016- 2017 from different countries and regions of Russia.

Screenings of the films and meetings will also be in the Presidential Cadet School, Nakhimov Higher Naval School and Higher Educational institutions of Sevastopol.

Main program of the Festival will traditionally include two International Competitions: International Competition of Documentary films and International Television Competition. Applications will be accepted until March 20, 2017.

The International Jury of the Festival will award the following Prizes:

  • Prize for Best Scenic Work;
  • Igor Shadkhan Prize for Best Director;
  • Anatoliy Golovnya Prize for Best Photographic Art;
  • Vladislav Mikosha Prize for the Best military historical film
  • and other Prizes.

In addition to the competition programs the Festival will also offer  special Non-competition programs (author, thematic, jubilee and other):

  • Program of films about Donbass «Donbass Today»;
  • Program of Eurasian Academy;
  • Echo of the Open Russian Festival of Animated Film held in Suzdal;
  • Opening and closing films.

The Festival Program will also include special events such as Video Contest «My Native City of Sevastopol».

The Festival will also host events related to the coverage and discussion of the festival programs, as well as round tables, screenings and meetings related to significant events of cultural life.

A special section of the event will feature the Russian-Chinese Cooperation Forum on culture and tourism, dedicated to the Pairing of the Economic Belt of the Silk Road and the Eurasian Economic Union.


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